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Family Law Attorney in Modesto, CA

We assist individuals and families struggling with family law matters. These matters include divorce and all related issues, child custody, financial support, adoptions, paternity, and domestic violence injunctions. We are committed to protecting you and your family's interests while finding the best possible resolution to your unique problems.

Divorce - Be Well Informed

Divorce is a life-changing experience, and often times very emotional. As the process progresses, I find many of my clients experience an overwhelming sense of relief. If you are seeking information regarding divorce, we can help you examine the issues to be considered, including children, finances, and getting through the emotional turmoil. Divorce can be managed by categorizing the issues:

  • Children's issues:

    • Support

    • Parenting time

    • Allocation of decision-making responsibilities

  • Financial issues:

    • Division of assets

    • Allocation of debts

    • Child support and alimony when appropriate

Experienced Guidance
to Help You Succeed

Paternity - Know Your Rights. Protect Your Child.

Many fathers are provided little understanding of their paternity rights. Your name on the birth certificate is only evidence of paternity, not proof. Paternity is required to secure or oblige parental rights.

The best interest of your children is our priority.

Mediation - Every Step Of The Way.

Our office can assist you throughout the mediation process and will advocate for your rights. My experienced staff will assure that we air disputes, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and provide your case a fair resolution whilst protecting your rights as an individual.

Child Custody and Visitation